Insomnia Nights & Days


Insomnia Nights & Days consists of an intensive program of exhibitions, guided tours, meetings with artists and curators promoted through a series of night events, video presentations and art performances.

Deep Time

After-show online talk with artist Hinda Weiss and Jonah Goldman Kay, moderated by Cristina Stoenescu, facebook live

Global abstraction and indigenous technologies

The curator Cosmin Costinaș guest for the 4th INSOMNIA NIGHTS & DAYS event.

Photo: From the exhibition – Koloa: Women, Art, and Technology, Hong Kong, 2020

Latifundismo: phantoms of plantation and extractivist landscapes

The curator Inti Guerrero guest for the 3rd INSOMNIA NIGHTS & DAYS event.

Image credits: Jonathas de Andrade, 40 nego bom é um real, 2013

Seismic Movements

The curator Diana Campbell Betancourt guest for the second INSOMNIA NIGHTS & DAYS event.

Image credits: Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, Esther Schipper Gallery and Mendes Wood DM – The film will be screened as part of the talk of our guest 

The future of video art

The first event of the series INSOMNIA NIGHTS & DAYS starts with an online talk between curator Olaf Stüber and artist Irina Botea Bucan.