What other events does a contemporary art space host?

03.03.2022 @ Cristina Stoenescu

Contemporary art spaces are still not that many in Romania, and contemporary art institutions are also quite fragmented and under-resourced. In such a context, we see how most independent art spaces, galleries and artist-run spaces try to supplement the cultural offer, attract the public and bring to the attention of the local audience both Romanian artists and international cultural trends. This strategy is already adopted in many official documents which are supported by comparative studies in the European Union on cultural consumption and the importance of connecting to a wider than local dialogue, while also encouraging conversations, exchanges of cultural practices and supporting local contemporary art production. 

Within the ARAC Art & Residency project, but also in ARAC’s work in general, we develop creative residencies, curatorial residencies, talks with guest artists and curators, precisely to engage the public and in a series of dialogues and recurring events – the art gallery understood as a meeting space. I loved seeing how first-time attendees to the Insomnia event evenings returned to the gallery space to select works and actively participate in the Public Exhibition.