We planted a garden

12.03.2022 @ Cristina Stoenescu

The space on Popa Soare Street has a generous garden, where we were able to organise Insomnia events and guided outdoor tours under pandemic risk relief conditions. The garden is part of the exhibition space, and provides a respite for reflection and questions to custodians and curators. We have found that this liminal space is important for interacting with those who reach our art-space, but also for our interaction with the people in the neighborhood whom we want to attract to our shows, talks, screenings and so on. Through our garden space, and by being present, offering a green oasis in the area, we get to know the older people who make the daily trip from home to the nearby grocery store, the students who use Popa Soare Street as a shortcut to Piața Unirii, the architects who have offices in the neighborhood. Through the posters and open invitations already distributed by the project team, we are waiting for them to discover their Exhibition, the Public Choice Exhibition and the upcoming events.