The theme of the exhibition is…

28.02.2022 @ Cristina Stoenescu

The idea of curating is relatively recent in Romania, and almost unknown to the non-specialised public. So many of the questions I get when I introduce myself as a curator is what exactly does such a character do? There are several ways in which a person can carry out the organizational activities of an exhibition, write an introductory text or select the works and theme of interest. However, a common denominator stems from the very etymology of the word „curating”, meaning ‘to take care of’, ‘to be responsible for the preservation and presentation of an artifact in good condition’. The curator is at the service of the art object, a mediator between artists and the public, connecting the exhibitions with a context that is hopefully relevant for both target groups: art world professionals and those who are just getting to know the art world. 

For the Public Choice Exhibition, we have pre-selected a series of works that relate to the post-pandemic context, but also to the central themes of the project: technology, migration, ecology – offering the audience with whom I will co-curate our exhibition a wide range of themes and interests. The final selection of artworks will to a large extent be a reflection on current sensibilities and topics of interest.