On art in times of the COVID pandemic

09.03.2022 @ Cristina Stoenescu

The ARAC Art & Residency project started in the midst of the COVID pandemic in 2020 and the first Insomnia events, guided tours with high school students, took place online – a first for ARAC. So we decided to organize the Public Choice Exhibition with an online platform as well, to continue our outreach efforts and to appeal to the online audience built over time by promoting ARAC Art & Residency events digitally. We created a special voting page, which then urged users to come and see their favourite works for themselves in the art space at Popa Soare 26.

Online curating is an increasingly debated topic, especially during the pandemic. This type of digital mediation of exhibitions, of artists’ works, has been a successful pilot project for our efforts to reach a wider audience: students from different faculties, not only dedicated to humanities and art, but also with a profile in the exact sciences, parents concerned with the cultural education of children and people from different occupational fields came to the ARAC space to see the works and vote for their favourite.