How do we know what we don’t know about art?

26.02.2022 @ Cristina Stoenescu

It’s been almost a week since we launched the campaign for the Public Choice Exhibition: we’ve started putting up posters in the neighborhood and around town, we’ve been distributing the postcards through local mailboxes. Visitors have started to come in greater numbers, we’re getting emails and questions, sometimes about how specifically a work is made, or whether the artist is well known, whether they can meet the artists and what actually happens at an opening?

There’s still a fear that they’ll ask the wrong questions, but once we start describing more of the history of the space, how we work with the artists, how we organize our art repository, visitors start to relax. They’re curious about the works that will end up in the final exhibition and want to know where they can access more information. To this end, I will be issuing an invitation to publishers and distributors of artist’s books and art history books, art magazines, to be able to present the reading and information spaces in the Public Exhibition where they can read artist monographs, exhibition reviews and dialogues between artists, curators, gallerists, to guide them toward where they can get informed on Romanian contemporary art.